Sunkite CORP x Arte Floor
The best plastic tile offered by Arte makes your dream come true.
DEHP Test Pass
All products have passed multiple international regulations
Made in Taiwan
We produce qualified PVC tile to ensure our dearest customer’s safety
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What is Plastic Tile

Generally, when it comes to indoor decoration, customers tend to be more familiar with wood flooring and tile flooring options.

Our latest PVC flooring offers several benefits, including easy cleaning, simple installation, and more. Moreover, it is significantly more cost-effective compared to wooden and tile flooring options, making it an attractive alternative for our customers.

Thanks to its highly realistic appearance and affordable price, PVC flooring has found extensive application in both private and commercial spaces. Nowadays, you can find PVC flooring being used in a variety of settings, ranging from personal bedrooms to restaurants, clothing stores, shopping centers, offices, and more.

100% New Material

Our manufacturing processes adhere to regulations set in Taiwan, guaranteeing that our products meet our high standards of quality.

Made in Taiwan

We produce the finest PVC floor with regular standard of plasticizer. All products have been tested by multiple institution.


Phythalic free and toxic free. They are suitable for indoor spaces, including those frequented by children under the age of 14.